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Aug. 14th, 2012

Domme Jayne

My favorite Domme, Jayne came over to film customs today! Doesn't she look fucking HOT in that corset of hers?

Domme Jayne, formally known as Foxy Roxy X is a friend of mine, and I run her clips stores (her Kinkbomb store is currently number 18) and do all the back end for her. Bet you're all jealous, hm? I also shot some videos the other day with her that will be posted EXCLUSIVELY to her stores!! You won't find them on mine or anywhere else. Keep an eye out, wankers! ^_^

You can follow her journal here dommejayne. You can also email her at dommejayne@gmail.com if you want to request clips, schedule a cam session via skype or even become one of her sissy boys! Her wishlist can be accessed below!


August Photo dump

I love days like this. I love going to the post office and coming out with a giant stack of presents! In the pile came the first 2 SoIaF books (pictured in my previous entry), 3 pairs of shoes and a pair of black lace stockings.

From Steffan! <3

I love the fact that the brand name is "Ellie"! ^_^

Precious huh?

Adore them!

Somehow, last month I ended up with the same pairs of shoes from 2 different guys! I had to exchange for a size up (damn Pleaser runs on the small side) and I also decided to exchange the color for one! I now have two cute pairs of shoes in red and purple!! LOVE THEM! Thank you Tosha and JWannabe!

Then I painted my toenails with pretty purple polish! One of my favorite colors!

If you haven't heard, I've made it to the top 25 on Kinkbomb. I'm also currently #17 on top earners. Pretty goddamn radical.

And some booty~ for all you ass addicts.


OMG! Game of Thrones boxset!?

Early birthday present from the wonderful John! He also spoiled me with the first 4 Song of Ice and Fire books and a pretty blue dress!! ^O^

(pardon the no makeup, I hate wearing the stuff unless I'm shooting, hehe)

For some reason I didn't get a pic of the 2nd book. Derp.

Beautiful awesome dress!! I should add a petticoat to my wishlist so it can be really poofy! Pics of me IN IT to come! (I shoot tomorrow)

Again, thank you John! You're a huge sweetheart~


Jul. 8th, 2012

Top 25!!!


So the clip from my previous entry has made it onto the top 25. Are you honestly surprised though? It will continue to climb the charts until it's at the very top! I need this to happen for my other clips as well, so make sure to buy them all up bitches!!

I'll post some sexy pictures soon. I know you're just dying for them.


Jun. 21st, 2012

New hypnosis clip! Kinkbomb. ONLY $5!!!

Yes! You've been waiting for it!

Hypno freaks, watch out! Financial slaves, beware!



My new dress (and banner)!!

Thanks Tosha for the lovely dress! Perfect for Princess, wouldn't you all agree?


Princess Hypnosis

Buy Now

If you haven't bought this clip yet, what the fuck is wrong with you??


May. 17th, 2012


Presents from an admirer. I adore them! He also gifted me a lovely red peacock dress but I had to get a smaller size. Mailed it back... I want it now! ;)

Lovely pink shoes! Perfect for a Princess, ne?

Comb pick tiara. It's wonderful!

Now I just need the throne from my wishlist. http://amzn.com/w/1SHUPB1WXRFQA

Tell me how amazing that would be! Incredible. I. Must. Acquire.



Tumblr account.

 I have a tumblr account I use mostly for picture dumping. My Livejournal...well, I have yet to decide exactly WHAT I will post here. I am thinking personal stories/adventures, pictures included as well as my thoughts and feelings. More to come! For now head over to my tumblr.



May. 11th, 2012

My clip! *^_^*